Having a jewel in glass and gold, would you like it? You Can. I mean a jewel in Murano glass, here in Florence, since we can’t go to Venice … You can choose from a range of transparent or saturated colors, and the inspiration will come from your feelings. A pendant, small earrings or a ring, perhaps large, a jewel that encompasses all the shades of blue, for the summer, or full of dark colors and with dichroitic glass and silver, for the evening, or ruby ​​red and gold , colors of passion. And yes, pure gold leaf, to embellish your jewel. I use the glass fusing technique, which allows me to cut the glass and melt the jewel at a later time, and I only use Murano glass produced by Effetre, and gold produced in an artisanal way by Battiloro Brambilla.


“(…) the square canvas has always been identified with artistic representation, it was invented to be painted and then contemplated. With a canvas it is not possible to do anything but a painting. The sign, the color or pencil, applied to a flat surface, usually square or rectangular, automatically produce a work of art even against the will of its author “*. Francesco Bonami goes to the heart of the problem: only by painting on a canvas does one enter a representative field called “Art”. I paint, I fuse and apply glass, I confuse with amalgam, I draw on it again, to represent symbols, moods, visions, experiences, and I am sure to create a space where you can mirror, or reflect, or find yourself, and interpret in your reality.

* from the book “Lo potevo fare anch’io” , Mondadori, 2007


Entering an artistic printing house, where the individual prints are made one by one by hand, is to take a leap into the past. And by the past I mean a non-time, a suspended situation, a magic, where everything has stopped because the etching and engraving technique is ancient, the tools are always the same, the strong smells of the inks permeate everything, the precision of gestures is the air you breathe to achieve the perfection of individual prints. And that’s why years ago I fell in love with etching, the engraving technique, and I used to attend the Milanese Navigli, where there are shops and a historic gallery loved by collectors, like the Centro dell’Incisione, where I exhibited my small works that you find on the site, which are inspired by travels, by poetic impressions, by different stages of life.