In recent years I have fallen in love with the Art of Glass, visiting and attending training course on the Isle of Murano. I create Glasswear and Glass Art using mainly Murano Glass, in my workshop. Glass fusing consists of shaping and joining pieces of glass, and melting the glass at high temperature in an electric kiln. I include also 24k gold and silver, and use dichroic glass for the metallic effect. Murano glass is produced in Italy: it can be transparent, pastel-colored, alabaster and opalescent. It’s made by the Masters of Murano, who have specialized in fancy glassware for centuries. Murano glassblowers have been celebrated in Europe for centuries, and today Murano Isle is a point of reference for artists worldwide who are moved by this exceptional material.


My desire is to describe magic in emotion, love and passion, travel and discovery, nature and force: my vision of the world. For years, I painted with acrylics, oils, pastels, crayons, inks: any material that would allow me to express what I felt, and painted mainly on canvas or wood, sometimes in large formats. Here, the paintings and drawings are assembled in five families: Urban, Oceanomare, Permanent Red, Changes and World. Apart from titles and size there are no descriptions along with the paintings: in fact, I love knowing what people who see them think, and I’d like it if you, after seeing them, would write me a comment.


Collection of etchings and engravings that I did for several years on subjects I felt strongly about: poetry, travel impressions, feelings. The  techniques are ancient, used by artists since the 14th century. Etching is traditionally the process of using strong acid or mordant to cut into the unprotected parts of a metal surface, creating a design cut (intaglio) into the metal. Engraving is instead done directly on the zinc plate. This method of printmaking was the most important technique for old master prints, and remains widespread today: prints are handmade using a press, one at a time, and numbered in series.