The #glass fusion is an artistic glass processing technique by which glass is cut, assembled and melted in an oven to obtain decorated surfaces to be applied on doors, windows and furniture, or to create objects such as plates and trays, lamps and jewels.

URBAN FLOW EXPERIENCE – The Art Synesthetic Dark Room – NABA

Urban Flow Experience at NABA, the New Academy of Fine Arts in Milan, 30 May 2019. “The experience that aims to promote art as a tool for sensory communication and positive energy”

URBAN FLOW EXPERIENCE – The Art Synesthetic Dark Room – Trieste 2019

Urban Flow Experience at the International Women’s Biennial in Trieste, an event that lasted three months, which took me a lot, a lot, time, a lot of energy and gave me so many emotions.

URBAN – The Art Synesthetic Dark Room – 2015

Senses are active and interactive in every moment of life, even in dreams.
One sense activates the others.
And the senses trigger memories and emotions or generate the future.
They can guide our moods.


Infinite urban suggestions. Five senses. A flow of experiences.
Today the light coming in from the windows of my studio is very bright. The beam of sunlight lights up like a spotlight on the slow-motion dance of the dust particles.

NOCA GLASS SCHOOL – in Cambridge (MA)

In 2012, returning from a trip to New York I had a desire:… “I would love to be able to return to the States and exhibit my works there”.

The hanging garden of light

I was in Las Vegas, on an April evening long ago, and I was walking back home after a beautiful trip through the national parks out west.

The Great VItj Lake

50 shades of gray color the desert that lies in the middle of Iceland, formed by volcanic ash that is still accumulating.

The Colors of Iceland

That morning in Landmannalaugar I left the hut early, so I could be the first to take a dip in the hot springs. I walked through the grass, wet with dew, with only my bathing suit on despite the cool morning, until I reached the little pond.

Australia from on high

When you fly over Australia, there’s no horizon, and no sign of human habitation for miles on end. Unlimited emptiness.